Past Classes

Subject: Trickjumps
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Description: I'll be showing some basic/intermediate trickjumps on various maps.
Date: Saturday April 5 2008
Teacher: IR3uL - Intermediate skilled player with a good knowledge of the weapon usage and some cool tricks useful for 1v1 matches.
Download the demo on Soylent - 12MB ( you might want to skip over the first 10 minutes to where the class starts)
Download the demo on Runningman - 8MB

Here for the Mouse Wheel Menu Generator?

The mousewheel generator was put together by AceOfThumbs in an attempt to globalize the use of waypoints and exercise good team communication through a very easy to use interface. The generated script only uses 3 buttons (quick zoom, reset fov, menu) in combination with the mousewheel. To learn more, check out Mousewheel Menu Generator Information Page.